Friday, June 6, 2008

Mt. Louis

Today's Vancouver hash is in the Earl [mountain] Range perhaps accessible via the Sunshine coast. Access would begin by putting my bike on the Horseshoe Bay bus and riding it to the ferry terminal. Then take the ferry across to Gibsons, bike approximately 85 km on a hilly but paved road to Egmont, continue another 3 km on what might be a powerline right of way or a trail to Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park. Ford the narrows themselves, probably requiring a boat, then hike another 8 km, probably closer to 10 km as it's all switchbacks, up the trails around Earl Creek, to finish at a point between Mt. Louis and Mt. Sumner. It's overcast and raining now, and they're calling for light rain all day.

So let me see
Bus 1:15
Ferry :40 - earliest ferry arrives at noon
85 km bike 5:00
Trail to park 1:00
Crossing water 0:30
10 km uphill hike 2:00
TOTAL 10:25 - earliest possible arrival 8:30 p.m.

And then I'd have to get home.

So this one is sadly a no. Perhaps I'll go after a not-too-far geodash instead.

Surrey, meanwhile, is on the edge of the Mamquam Icefield in Garibaldi, another glorious trip, accessible from Squamish up the Skookum Creek. That would be worthy of taking a car, were the weather nicer.

Bellingham is in the ocean. Victoria is reachable, between Sahtlam and the Tzart-Lam Indian Reservation, possibly within the territory of the latter. I like the way Sahtlam and Tzart-Lam are undoubtedly the same Halkomelem word.

Okay: tomorrow, come Hell or High Water, I'm going to go for it.

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