Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two Graticules

I worked all day today, but tried for a couple of graticules. I was flying in cloud and it was almost time to turn, so I checked on nearby hashpoints. It didn't really matter where I turned north, as long as I was past the weather. So I turned a little earlier than the original plan. I turned as soon as the 32 -93 hashpoint lined up with my destination.

The plan was to nail the IMC achievement, and I was in IMC minutes before the hash, as illustrated below.

Unfortunately I broke out into scattered cloud right before the hashpoint, so I didn't photograph the arrival. Aerial hashing in VMC is so three days ago!

At the end of the day it was still light, and I checked to discover that the nearest hashpoint, in the unclaimed 40 -112 graticule, was 2.5 nm from my hotel. It looked like there were even trails going to it, I grabbed my GPS and went looking. Almost a mile was on paved roads, then across a field, and then I was stopped by what on the map had been called a "drain." A wide, deep, flowing canal was the end of my quest, 0.96 nm from the target.

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