Friday, June 6, 2008

Saturday is Doable

The Saturday spot just north of Daniels Creek by Appian Mountain looks challenging but achievable, and the weather should be okay.

My plan: 22 MacDonald, SeaBus, then 236 Grouse Mountain bus to the base of the Skyride. The initial road, which looks to be a decent gravel road, goes all the way up the Capilano River first on the east bank then crossing to the west bank until past Daniels Creek. There there is an opportunity to cross back, putting you on the correct side of Daniels Creek, not far from the hashpoint. About 25 km of gravel road. It looks as if it was in a clearcut at the time of Google's satellite coverage.

An alternate route with less gravel would be up the Phyllis Creek road, just north of Porteau Cove.

Will I be the only one?

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